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Our mission is to unite teamwork and excellence for the purpose of creating solutions, and building the future.

Our Mission

World class technology paired with innovative design

Legacy Building Group CO was founded with the mission of uniting teamwork and excellence for the purpose of creating solutions, and building the future.

We are committed not only to shaping the future of each customer we serve but also to making a positive impact across our nation, for every hardworking American. Our goal is national. We aim to do this bringing about about a transformative shift in perspectives on economic and social challenges, fostering a unity among the citizens of this great country to collectively address issues of poverty and homelessness, and ignite a spark of hope in hearts of what we can achieve by working together!

Over the past decade, the US housing crisis has grown to a point where it is estimated that 6 million new homes are needed to fully stabilize and satisfy the demand. While there are several factors that have inhibited the effort to solve this issue, we believe that we can make a difference in the next decade to make affordable housing attainable in every community across our great land.

Years Of Experience

Sustainable Living

Our Products

windows and doors

& Doors

Fully automated, remote controlled custom folding glass doors that provide panoramic views and unite you with the outdoors with the touch of a button!

aluminum glass facades


First ever glass and aluminum spacial dividers that provide an exceptionally low profile look and keep a spacious indoor feel to your room.

bioclimatic pergolas


These state of the art bioclimatic pergolas are the million dollar feature that sets your home or business apart from the rest. There’s no comparison!

aluminum railings


Aluminum railing featuring a variety of designs and technology that makes set up a breeze, gives a modern and sleek look to any patio with only rounded edges.

Our Partnerships

Partnered with world class companies

We partner with companies all across the country to turn forgotten and distressed properties into wonderful homes.

We 100% fund, manage the rehab and handle the titlework of every property from start to finish. All we need is you as partner in your area who is tired of chasing money and wants to learn the skills required to be successful at real estate…

builders firstsourcedeepergreen consultinginex doors and living spaces

84 lumberandersen windows and doors

west valley insulationtiny home investment groupoverstock express

nuduraz axis solutionsbuilders academy


Construction Management

A home is more than just a roof over someone’s head…

Sustainable Housing/Development

Bringing teamwork and excellence together…

Fix & Flips

Looking at a fix and flip? Or maybe you are a contractor who wants to get into…

Our Partnerships

We partner with companies all across the country…

Solutions for every space

Innovative design, cost effective construction and energy efficient homes

We provide full line of windows, custom folding glass doors and shutters that will shock you with their elegance and features as well as products like decks, railings, pergolas, modern contemporary facades and a solution for every indoor and outdoor space using products that set a precedence of excellence in every home.

We have partnered with world class companies to supply our customers

We also distribute and install ICF building systems and prefab building components.


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    Bringing teamwork and excellence together for the purpose of creating solutions and building the future.