With the housing crisis in the US getting worse year over year, it is estimated that there is a

 need to produce 6 million new homes over the next 5 years!

With the housing crisis in the US getting worse year over year, it is estimated that there is a need to produce 6 million new homes over the next 5 years. The current market share in the US for residential housing is around 1 trillion dollars and while interest rates and the current economy has put a damper on new starts, Projections show that new construction on residential homes will remain stable throughout 2023 and then resume a healthy rate of growth over the next several years. 
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At Legacy Building Group, we believe that the answer to the housing shortage lies in a different place then we have been looking… not in government subsidized housing or big international developers build and hold rental strategies. In addition to these leading sources of affordable housing, Philanthropists and humanitarians, while having great motives, can’t solve the issue…  
We can’t rely on the tax deductible donations of the non profits and most wealthy people either… 
While all of the above mentioned sources are valuable allies, you see, this country was built with the blood, sweat and tears of individual pioneers filled with hope and vision for the future of their children and grandchildren. They had the grit to overcome tyranny and taxation to secure the freedoms we now enjoy every day. 
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And the answer to our current day issues is still in the same place…
US! The American people. 
We, the American people, need to band together and work every day to make this great country better every day and embrace the future for our children and grandchildren by making food, clothing and shelter readily affordable and available to every hard working american. The opportunity to every aspiring American is astounding and with teamwork, we can solve the housing shortage, lower the cost of living, reduce our taxes and recover the American dream that our ancestors died to gain!

The Vision here at Legacy Building Group is to impact every community across this great country for the better by partnering with every hard working American citizen to rehab and restore old buildings, build new houses by the millions and collaborating with other world class companies to bring cost effective solutions for food, clothing and shelter. If properly managed, this initiative will restore the American way of life and independence, sustainability and security will be available to all who live on our soils. Crime and hate will diminish year over year and people will look forward to the wonderful home our country will provide to our children for generations to come. 

What does the Legacy difference look like?


We look for opportunities anywhere in the country that have the following prerequisites;

  • Multi unit development opportunity either in land or community rehab.
  • Community participation in both fundraising and workforce.
  • State, city and township approvals for proposed project
  • Project meets qualifications for our housing fund
  • Competed build costs fall under local market average

Once all qualifications have been met, our team will manage the project from start to finish, moving with efficiency and experience to complete each unit with timeline and budget. We use cutting edge software and automated systems to streamline the build process and partner with local supply houses, truss plants and panel plants to support local businesses while optimizing every phase and process throughout the course of the project. 

How can you help?
Glad you asked!
Every large scale development project has its own obstacles to overcome and anyone can help… we partner with the community in many ways including fundraising, marketing, food, clothing, cleaning etc. If you are looking for work when we come to town and want to get a jump start toward a career in the trades… you can ask us about our internship opportunities and get right to work while bettering your community. We also partner with workforce programs for youth and re entry programs for anyone wanting to get a fresh start!
If you are passionate about joining our team and promote the Legacy difference to your community, we are looking for leaders to coordinate local meet ups and help us raise awareness and collaboration in impacting every community and its needs in the coming years.      
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