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All of our folding patio door and window systems allow for an interior, exterior presentation, but the style and layout configuration really comes down to your specific needs.

Modern Exterior door
Exterior Doors

These modern exterior doors feature a slim low profile look that’s sure to turn the eye of all your neighbors!

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Interior Doors

Our interior doors come in every style and design imaginable and have been created to meet your needs. Better yet, out products are fullly customizable!

Why buy our Doors?


Why buy luxury or premium hydraulic doors and windows through Legacy Building Group? It’s very simple: if we sell a wide range of products, we support them. Normally, most companies buy products from wholesalers and if something goes wrong, they just point their finger at them. We take pride in knowing that every customer is satisfied with their installation and final product. When you care about your home as much as you do, shouldn’t the companies you work for care about it as deeply as? Our INEX series of folding patio doors incorporate the best hardware from around the world. Our frames are made from industrial grade aluminum used in many other industries such as auto parts. Our glass is thermally modified to retain heat in the summer and cold air in the winter. All of our lines have hardware that allows the system to open and close easily to allow for the easiest possible use.

Are you ready to design your patio door system? Check out all the options below!



You’ve made the right decision to work with the Legacy Building Group team for your custom folding patio door or hydraulic window – now let’s start the design process! First things first, we need to select our style of door. All of our folding patio door and window systems allow for an interior, exterior presentation, but the style and layout configuration comes down to your specific needs and desires.

Folding Glass Walls or Bifold Glass Doors

This is the most common type out of our many different styles. These doors are made  of multiple panels and are fixed on a singular track. This style comes in many various configurations -you can get everything from a single panel set up to a 4:1, 2:2, or just about any version your brain can dream up. These are most often used around patios and pool areas.

Sliding Glass Wall or Multi Slide Glass Doors

When you are looking for the slimmest profile available, this is the system for you. Instead of collapsing perpendicular to the track, these panels slide along side themselves to allow for parallel flow tp the room. With the right configuration, these doors can be recessed into a wall!


Pivot Glass Door Systems

This pivoting system is the best of both options, allowing for multiple collapsing styles including whether or not the door/wall has a track. This system can double as both a wall and window when used in an outdoor kitchen transition setup!

Frame Styles

Frames come in various designs and profiles. North American frames typically have a wide thickness to them and provide a much stronger base than other systems. European frames have the slimmest lines and visual considerations, but require higher quality hardware which can make them more costly.

After you select your frame style, you’ll want to select the color of the frame. Below are some of the most common colors that INEX provides for folding patio door systems. If you or your interior designer is looking for a custom color, we can accommodate it with just a simple sample of paint!

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hydaway right solid swatches



You have chosen the highest quality patio door systems, with custom finishes, triple pane glass and screens. Why not make the whole experience easy by adding automation upgrades so you can open your new door or wall system with the push of a button?

Yes, at the touch of a button! INEX is an authorized dealer of all Summit Automation products. So whether you have opted for a bi-fold system or multiple sliding panels, you can still impress your neighbors or loved ones by expanding your living space via remote control. Summit offers only the highest quality products for all layouts and configurations.They are known for their quality and consistency, open and close that door as many times as you want and you still get the same
experience every time!

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