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Custom Bioclimatic Pergolas

When one desires the finer things in life, they crave an outdoor living space that has been designed and constructed for their space and their needs. Now introducing metal pergolas from INEX. Our product lines offer endless layouts and configurations because YOU are the designer!

The INEX Metal Pergola Systems can be designed to be both free standing as well as to be attached to an existing structure. Looking to add cabanas to your resort to rent out for extra income? We have you covered! Need a custom structure for a swim up bar or an exterior patio at your ski resort? The INEX metal pergola lines can accommodate ALL commercial applications. Looking for something to add those final touches to the outdoor living spaces at your home? Our metal pergolas are the perfect finishing piece, allowing you to design everything to your specific layout.

Did we mention the HIGH-GRADE industrial aluminum infrastructure? This is probably the most important component on these pergolas, because they can withstand the elements and weather conditions of almost any climate, are rust resistant and a breeze to install. Lastly, the custom powder coated paint finish can achieve the desired look for just about any project.

The favorite configuration of the INEX team is actually a free standing metal pergola that is mounted on a concrete slab encased with one of our folding patio glass door systems. Then you can add a retractable weather resistant louvered top allowing for you to have a 3 season enclosed gazebo type set up perfect for an outdoor hot tub, game room or even a man cave. Like we said before, these are completely customizable. The only limiting factor is your imagination and wallet.

custom pergolas

Design Time

Design your Custom Metal Pergola

It’s design time! We suggest that you grab your favorite glass of wine, bourbon or cup of coffee and go out to the desired installation location. Being present in the space without any other distractions is the perfect way to visualize your future space. If you have a designer, bring them along and make them bring the drinks!

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Building the future!

Bringing teamwork and excellence together for the purpose of creating solutions and building the future.